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Major Division Specific Rules

Established Babe Ruth “Rule Book” rules apply to all Minor Games.  In additions Fluvanna Youth Baseball has adopted these additional rules applying to all games. Please note specific rules/exceptions below that will apply to this League:

1. The game length will be 6 innings or 1hr 45 minutes.  No new inning shall start after 1hr 45 minutes.

2. Nine (9) players are allowed on the field defensively.

3. A team cannot play with less than 8 players. Each infield position including the catching and pitching position must be manned if a team only has 8 players.  A team without nine players may ask another player from another team to play.  The player must be playing in the same league or below.

4. Each player must play 2 innings defensively.

5. All batters bat in the order they appear on the line-up throughout the game. If a player arrives after the game has started, he/she will be added at the bottom of the batting order and the opposing team manager must be notified.

6. The first time a batter throws the bat in the act of hitting, the umpire shall issue the player a warning. If the same player throws the bat a second time in the act of hitting the ball during the game, the umpire shall call the batter out. The batted ball will be called a “dead ball” and all runners shall return to the base they occupied prior to the play.

7. At this division, base Runners may leave (steal) the base regardless of who and were the ball is.

8.  Stealing is permitted anytime on the pitcher/catcher exchange  

9.    A pitcher will be removed from the game if he/she hits 3 batters in a half inning or 5 in a game.

10.  Balks for Major Division

       a. The plate umpire will call balks

       b.      The plate umpire will discuss with both head coaches before the game and let them know what he considers a balk. In the beginning of the season there will be 'flexibilty' with calling balks- if there is no advantage gained- no balk will be called. The umpire will warn the coach that a balk has occurred (it is balk).

11.  Contact Rule(All Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken Baseball Divisions):  If a runner attempting to reach home plate intentionally and maliciously runs into a defensive player in the area of home plate, he will be called out on the play and ejected from the game. The objective of this rule is to penalize the offensive team for crashing the defensive player, rather than trying to reach home plate. Obviously this is an umpire's judgment call. If there is a play at home the offensive player must slide, if not he will be called out, again this is an umpires judgment call.

12.  A ten (10) run slaughter rule will be implemented. If a team is leading by ten (10) runs at the end of the 4th inning, the game is over.

13.  Any time a player or coach behaves in an unsportsmanlike manner (throwing equipment, abusive language),he/she may, at the discretion of the umpire and/or FYB Board member, may be removed from the game.

14.  Home Team is responsible for prepping the field before the game.

15.  Managers from both teams after a game will make sure that their dugout and bleachers are clean after the game.

Major Pitching Rules

FYB will play by the following pitching rules during the spring season for the Major Division. These rules have been adopted from the Little League association for youth baseball. The basic rules state how many pitches are allowed per day as well as the minimum amount of rest required between outings.

Maximum pitches per day: Please note ages are league age as of May 1.

Age: 11-12   85 pitches

Minimum rest days for players 14 & under:

66 or more pitches: 4 full calendar days

51 – 65 pitches: 3 full calendar days

36 – 50 pitches: 2 full calendar days

21 – 35 pitches: 1 full calendar days

1 – 20 pitches: 0 days

1. If the maximum number of pitches is reached for a pitcher during an at-bat, that pitcher may continue until the current batter is either retired or safely reaches base.

2. Once a pitcher is removed from the mound, they cannot return as a pitcher, including the starting pitcher.

3. Once a pitcher is removed from the mound, they can play any other defensive position.

4. Catchers may move from the catcher’s position to pitcher.

5. Warm-up pitches do not count. Pitches that result in foul balls do count as pitches thrown.

6. During a game, each team will count pitches for each pitcher, their own as well as their opponent. Discrepancies will be resolved between innings. After the game, each team will report their pitch counts to the Pitch Count Log Book located in the concession stand. Failure to report a pitcher’s pitch count will result in the maximum rest required before pitching again.

8. Pitches thrown during a suspended game shall count towards eligibility regardless of when the game is resumed. This means that if a 12 year old pitcher throws 44 pitches before the game is suspended, that pitcher is required to rest 2 full calendar days before pitching again. Once the game is resumed, either the same day or a different day, the pitchers of record may pitch to the extent of their eligibility for that day, provided the pitcher has observed the required days of rest.

Note: A calendar day is observed as a day as it appears on a calendar, no partial days are observed as a 24 hour time period beginning when the pitcher is removed from the mound.

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